How to make your Twins | Multiply yourself

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Imagine one day you announce to all your friends that you have a twin, by showing them a very realistic photo. There must be many fun then! I’ll show you how to do that in this photoshop tutorial.

Step 1: You must use a tripod (or anything else which can hold your camera stand still). Then, shoot the 1st photo with yourselft in it, in order to make it natural, I recommend that you should take photo with a friend. Next, shoot the sencond one. Okie, with the second photo, you can change your appearance a little bit (a small different will convince viewers’ perspective), changing your T-shirt, hair style, for example. Important: just chaging yourself and your position in the scene, keep the rest as it was in the 1st shoot.

The two photos should look like following:


Step 2: Go to Photoshop and put these two photos together, each gets a layer.


Step 3: in order to see the different between two photo, let’s choose the blend option of the first layer to “Overlay”.
So now you can indentify the different clearly.


Step 4: use the earaser the remove the different details of the first layer comparing to the second layer.


You need to put attention to edges and details


Conclusion: Yay, the last step is to flat the photo and you got a super realistic photo which can supprise your parents and friends. The key point to make the photo realy real is: you are the only one who changed, and the surrouding environment was kept exactly the same between the two shoots.
You can make three, four, or five of yourself, just follow that simple trick.
Good luck, dudes!


Some other similar photos, for your reference





Download PSD Here

Copyright @ Andy – pVAC studio 2007.


  1. krung Says:

    do you have link where to download some photoshop

  2. gagan Says:

    best idea to dublicacy of a person

  3. Rajaie Says:

    Great tutorial! Now to go clone myself :-)

  4. [...] I recently came across a great tutorial that in very plain English teaches the Photoshop beginner how to make images with twins. The Tutorial is titled multiply yourself and through very basic images and commands teaches you do to do. This is a Great tutorial for helping to make funny pictures or other entertainment related images. Check out the full tutorial if this is what your looking for at 9Tutorials . [...]

  5. Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Andy Says:

    @ krung: you want to download photoshop material or photoshop material?

    @ gagan: thanks mate ^_^

    @ Rajaie: Yay, that’s great. Why not sent your artwork to 9tutorials and we update to Twins Collection :-))

  7. Justin Says:

    When you’re the only thing changing, you can also simply use a layer mask, that comes out pretty realistic for me. Just make sure you camera uses the same exposure for every shot.

  8. amphness Says:

    ^^ nice 1

  9. Ferds Says:

    ei thanks for this tutorial, i can adopt this tutorial in getting smooth copies of the person i want to post in my design.. thanks again

  10. krung Says:

    err.. yes andy! can you give me some link where to dl best photoshop materials^^

  11. krung Says:

    oh btw andy this my e-mail

  12. Andy Says:

    hi krung,

    I share you the links which are interesting myself as well.

    If you need photoshop / art e-book, plz drop to [free e-book download]

    Crush on plug-in, brush, artworks, ect, go to

    See you, mate.

    p/s: we have new tutorials every week, you can subscribe to our newsletter to check out the latest cool stuffs |
    That should be “9Tutorials to your Inbox”, on your right screen.

  13. krung Says:

    thank you and nice work

  14. nene Says:

    now i’m confused where the hell is Andy… :-P

    and Andy said :-)
    i am here nene…look

    btw, did you use the new Photoshop cs3 or cs2 ?
    and where you ABOUT and CONTACT button in your page it will be more better if you write one..

  15. MR AKAY Says:

    love this effect thanx for lettin a nikka kno

  16. ram Says:

    good work..! :)

  17. Stan Says:

    Hi, Don’t beat up on me, but…. can this “Multiply yourself” post be used with Photoshop Elements 4? I find PS too expensive and waaaay too much for the simple things I want to do. If not, does any one have a link for how to clone yourself with PSE?



  18. santono Says:

    hi im a beginner of photoshop.
    i don’t understand the last step “flat it”
    how to do that?

  19. Kezz Says:

    Well done, that’s really easy to follow. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us.

  20. Andy Says:

    @Stan: Hi Stan, I have not actually use Photoshop Element 4, so I couldn’t tell much. Here is few key fucntions that need to have: a feather edge [make the edge of the object blur, so it is blended with the background; a colour adjustment. :-))

    @Santono: ‘flat it’ means you merge all the layers into one layer. That way people cannot modify your artwork (moving around elements, for example).
    Let’s go to menu bar, Layer > Flatten Image.

    @ Kezz: thanks mate.

  21. Hey! I really need your help! I kinda lost u on step 4! Can u help me a little more? Please and thank you :) write me……..

  22. khatt Says:

    wow lol that is sooo kool!

    haha .. id love to do one but i know i would’nt be able to do it =(


  23. Piy Says:

    Can this be done using Corel Paint Shop Pro X or X2? If so–please make a tutorial on that as well! I’ve been looking everywhere for a twin tutorial for PSPX2. :/

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  25. @callum, it ‘s perfect men.

  26. bob Says:

    but theyre asian so they look the same anyway

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  28. wow this is so nice. I’ll try this one. Thanks!

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  30. sunquick Says:

    wow ! thanks for your tutorial its really a very important tutorial :)

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  34. Si Says:

    Sorry but I tried to do and I was stuck at how to make both layers look clear.
    The problem is when I change layer mode to Overlay, it looks lighter and not as real as before. Can you help me ? Thank you so much

  35. Oh wow! this is with elements? I use CS3, but yeah I barely started trying to do this, and I have to say, pretty good job!

  36. Nazgul Says:

    hey need some help with tutorial can I give u my email? or can u give me urs!? mostly in step 3 my “overlay” looks alot different!

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  38. Frank Says:

    To ‘Si’ and ‘Nazgul’

    I had the same problem myself.

    Make sure the ‘main layer’ is at the bottom.

    The stuff in which you erase all the stuff should be at top.

    the ‘main layer’ is also the one that you want to change the layering settings on to “Overlay.”

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  40. Aminul Says:

    Please tell me how to import two images together..

  41. FukUrMum Says:

    Lol What camera u using it is so good

  42. sriganesh Says:

    good one. thank u for tutorial. one thing, the fourth photo from the last , is the girl left hand is slightly cuttof. plz check that

  43. Luiza Says:

    Olá vc tem o tuto passo a passo desta montagem?

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  46. HL Says:

    Umm how do I put (add) picture to layer 1 ?

  47. Reece Says:

    Heres one I did a good while ago, without the use of a tut, but have a look anyways

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  49. needian Says:

    i dont hv to multiply myself coz i’m twins:)

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  51. Ted Says:

    Thanks… was very cool…

  52. Nice. I already try and i hv done it. TQ so much Bro..

  53. I love it! its pretty amazing, (im 13, and i LOVE photoshop) thanx tons…

  54. ahmed Says:

    I’m ahmed I am 21 years or guije Frre download Montagem Photoshop CS2 can not?

  55. raptor999 Says:

    This is to everyone who are getting the problem with ” end result lookin likghter…. “. All you have to do is instead of giving the overlay command, give the command “Darken and erase all your unwanted stuff….bottom two layers shhould be same and the top layer should be the one in which you are posing different…you will have to give darken commnd to this layer”

  56. Eden Says:

    thats so cool! but its so confusing.. :(

  57. James Says:

    I wouldn’t recommend using the eraser tool. layers masks add so much more flexibility. If you don’t know what a layer mask is then google it, makes life so much easier

  58. Antonio Fredson Says:

    Boa Noite!!! Cara amei mais eu nao consegui fazer eu tenho o PhotoScape e o GIMP 2 queria se fosse possível que você me mostrasse como fazer nesse editor de imagens! valeu abraços

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  61. hemant Says:

    this effect very NICE

  62. aivhie Says:

    is this work in adobe photoshop cs3?what application you is this…will you please teach me how to do this step by step…i want you to teach me…i follow the instructions…but im stock in step 4…i don’t know how to do the next step..please teach me..iim OL now on my YM this is my YM

  63. Preeti Says:

    i have so many confusion in this tut would u plz teach me plz my id plz give me rpl plz

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  65. dan Says:

    this is awesome, yet simple and easy to do
    i think i’m gonna try this photoshop effect

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  68. Passerby Says:

    already know this trick. but nice tut. lol
    clicked because the twin-cloned-wearing-glasses-girl-who-sit-on-the-office-chair is cute. (do using “is” valid? lol)
    sorry I got my complexity over “rather chubby girl wearing glasses” got the best of me.

  69. perri Says:

    How do you put each photo on it’s own layer?!?! :(

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  71. aqilah Says:

    hi,you know.i do not need this.i have my real twins.her name is aliqah

  72. aqilah Says:

    if you want to see me and my twin, must go to malaysia sabah lahad datu.

  73. fdsfdss Says:

    No.. Its ok, but you have done a clone for chinese or some other face.. Its difficult to do for South Indian face.. If you have any example pls demonstrate it.

  74. daja Says:

    how you do that

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  77. jocelyn Says:

    wats the app name?

  78. i love this page. :))

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  81. Vikram Samal Says:

    Just missed one step, before flattening the image, the layer 2 has to be made into normal mode again from overlay mode. Else it wont work.

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