Colorful Tornado

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I will show you how to create a beautiful colorful tornado in Photoshop. You will like the final result in this tutorial.

Create a new file, which has the size is 400 x 400 pixel.
Then, use Gradient Tool (G) to make a background like below
Next step, go to the menu Filter >Distort>Wave. Select “Square” box
Then go to the menu Filter>Distort>Polar Coordinates. Use the default settings.
Press Ctrl + J to duplicate layer.
And then, apply the mode “Overlay” for Blending Mode.

Still on the copied layer, then go to the menu Filter>Distort>Twirl with the settings below:

Here is the result:


Then,we should merge all the layers and create a new layer. Next step, you fill any color which you like on the new layer. Or you could adjust the Hue/Saturation (Press Ctrl + U ). Please remember that to apply “Overlay” in Blending Mode. Here is the final result.


  • Kairi

    Hi.. Can I know how to make black and white gradient? Cause all my present gradients are colored ones..

  • Camilla

    You just make black as your foreground color and white as the background color. Easy!

  • gabriel

    i didnt understand this: And then, apply the mode “Overlay” for Blending Mode.

  • http://www. Prabharajkumar

    i am not getting the colors?

  • alx

    already know

  • jakster


  • eric

    remember to set your blend mode to overlay otherwise the colors wont work right

  • kannan

    i am not getting the colors?

  • Bob

    Don’t forget to check “Colorize” in Hue/Saturation…

  • Md. Mizanur Rahman Howlader

    Very nice. Thank you.

  • United

    How do you get all the different colours? I can get one colour using hue/saturation but i can’t figure out how to put another colour on :S

  • Jonathan

    I am having the same trouble he is. I cannot get all the colors on the page altogether

  • ben dover

    you guys are so dumb. this is like THA EASIEST tutorial EVA.

  • srishti

    wow……i dint get to fill many colours together i was able to fill any one colour only

  • Christopher

    Amazing, easy to follow.
    Thank you.

  • Ashish Malhotra

    that was great bt tell me how i make 3d face texture in photoshop and also 3d gaming texture plz rep me soon thanx….

  • primordial

    Hey everybody, what the tutorial means is:
    1) add a new layer (Ctrl+Shift+N)
    2) make a two-coloured gradient on it, choosing like blue as a background colour and green as foreground. Drag the gradient across the whole layer (you should see the two colours blending into each other now – nothing beneath).
    3)now, go for the cool thing! In the window where all your layers are displayed, you’ll find a dropbox, reading “Normal”. Click it and choose “Overlay”.
    Off you go, with this cute little graphic!

    Btw, thanks for the tut!

  • Nykel!!!

    Woohoo thnx for the tutorial! and the tips from the comments! it really helps! thnx and God Bless!!

  • Devon

    mad easy, but still kinda kool

  • Blackthorne

    Awesome tut thanks xD

  • Priyanka

    awesome…..I really like this one…..very useful tut for me……thanks a lot

  • shubb

    Amazing tutorial! =D

  • Lauren

    You get the different colors by doing another gradient (with the colors of your choice) when you make the final color overlay.

  • HareesH


  • Dominik

    Nice one sir i like that one.

  • Michelle

    great! But looks more like a hurricane

  • JKoj

    Great Work ……..

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  • yog

    what a beatifull creativity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sivas

    very good, thanks

  • Chunkz

    Nice Job. Make it a 1024 by 768. I’ve been trying to find the perfect tornado for my screen.

  • YoRo

    I figured out the color problem, after you made the merged layer, all you have to do is:

    Select the layer with right mouse button > Blending Options…> Gradient Overlay: (Blend Mode: Overlay) and (Gradient: Chose any colorful one or make one yourself)

    Note: I did not use “Ctrl+U (Hue/Saturation)” at all, and by the above method, you get identically the same result.

  • samantha odegard

    help only a little twirls Y?????

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  • Tilly

    What’s with you tutorial guys? You’re always leaving a step out or giving us some magical end result without explaining the key elements to get to that step. How did you get the colors? This is lame without those detailed instructions.

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  • hotsalesshop

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  • abhishek

    spicial thanx for this tutorial
    & in future provide us these types of of tutes in singla page

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  • Hunter’s Girl Only

    this is so kewl add me on myspace its you will need this email

  • http://nil ponraj

    realy good. thanks

  • duong


  • dude

    pretty cool!

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  • Piyush

    Thanks for the great tutorial and simple explanation for such a great effect.
    thanks !!!!!

  • aru

    ya i got it . thank u. also i placed heart shape at the middle, with some outer glow and emboss looking good . try it !

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  • Jack

    It give me teh second last step not the actuall last step

  • Sakarias Kaljo

    THank you! This was awesome!!

  • DatNguy

    Great tutorial! Thank you for your efforts.

    And fellow readers, overlay works well but play with some of the other layer blending styles to see what comes up. I did a difference mode and wound up with a really cool and funky looking tornado.

    Just create your new layer (ctrl+shift+n) and fill with the gradient of your choice. Then in your layers tab select “Difference” on your gradient layer and check out the results. Some of the other blend modes yielded different and cool looking results, too.

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  • maria

    Really nice tutorial!
    I’m a beginner and i made it on my first try! :’D

  • Anik

    Hai please make a video email me to.

  • kerin

    Nice tut! And not so long ^-^

  • jamal
  • Bob How

    Thank you! It is really cool and simple.

  • dangtruong

    @jamal: wow, your result is even better than the tutorial

  • http://www.freshnewsarea,com Harkunwar

    WOW Man
    Such a great background and so easy tutorial. You made my day ;)

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  • luke

    how do u fill the coulor layers

  • http://gmail munna

    i like these a lottt

  • http://gmail uday

    nice ……

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